Your integrated health system

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Take control of your health and that of your loved ones

Doctors search

Find a doctor near to you, rate, comment and share.


Create the schedule to take your medications be notified in time.

Medicine inventory

Manage your own medicine inventory and receive notifications when your products expire.

Medical appointments

Manage your medical appointments and receive notifications the day before the date.

Document repository

Save copies of the documents related to your medical care and consult them at all times.


Manage the medication of multiple users, ideal for keeping care of your family health.


With Getwell you will have in one place all you need to maintain your good health and recover in case of any incident, plus you will keep a history of your attentions and share information between different devices.

  • Multiuser app
  • Multilanguage
  • Backups in the cloud
  • Notification of important events
  • Apple Watch support

Getwell for doctors

Make yourself known and potencialice your business

Promote services

Have presence on the platform and give yourself known, present details of your services and offer online appointments through the app.

Relationship with patients

Strengthen the relationship with your patients by responding to feedback and tracking their recovery through the application.

Business management

Manage the operation of your business with the specialized platform, managing patients, appointments, medical records and operation.

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